Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography is a list of resources that includeds bellringers and attention grabbers, independent study tools, student-directed curriculum materials, teacher tools and resources, interactive activities, and presentation tools.

Assessment Final Reflection

After finishing the course Assessment of Gifted Children, I reflected on how the course learnings would affect my teaching.

Differentiated Lesson Plan pt. 1

Differentiated Lesson Plan pt. 2

This two-part, data-drive math lesson plan includes student information and a reflection.

Gifted Student Case Study

This case study on one of my former students highlights some of the unique challenges facing gifted students.

Multicultural Gifted Education Paper

The paper examines teacher referrals to gifted programs for underrepresented groups, including racial minorities, and has a list of suggestions for teachers for increasing referral for these groups.

Motivation Term Paper

The paper explores the idea of motivating elementary school students through the use of literacy interventions.


For my year-long practicum/internship experience, I developed units using the concept-based framework developed by Dr. H. Lynn Erikson. Rather than focusing on content, these units are centered around universal concepts and generalizations.