Economics Topic 2
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Economics Unit

Topic 2: How do people earn money?
1. What are jobs?
2. What are different types of jobs?
3. How do people get and keep jobs?
4. What is an entrepreneur?
5. What is supply and demand?

Economics Standards

SS.3.E.1.3: Recognize that buyers and sellers interact to exchange goods and services through the use of trade or money.

There are many different types of jobs. People have jobs so that they can earn money to pay for what they need and want.

Being an entrepreneur is a special kind of job. Entrepreneurs own their own businesses. The woman in this picture owns a plant shop.

All jobs require some kind of training. Sometimes, people get trained for their job by people who already work there. In this picture, the man is getting trained to make pancakes by one of the other employees.

In other jobs, people go to a special school to receive training. In this picture, this man is getting training to work with computers and electronics.

At other jobs, people go to college or a university to earn a degree before they get a job. In this picture, the students are in a class learning.

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