Economics Topic 1
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Topic 1: What is money?
1. What does money represent?
2. What is barter?
3. Why do we use money instead of trading for what we want?
4. What are wants and needs?
5. What are goods and services?

Money represents value.

Barter is trading objects for other objects.

Needs include water, food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. Needs are things that people cannot live without.

Wants include things that a person would like to have, but does not need in order to survive, like toys, treats, or sports equipment.
Goods are items that are sold that you can touch or see, like houses, lemonade, cars, toys, or pets.
Services are things that someone does for someone else in exchange for money, like a haircut, a car wash, a hotel room, or service at a restaurant.
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