Unit Plan
Concept-Based Unit Worksheet

SS.3.C.1.1: Explain the purpose and need for government.

SS.3.C.1.2: Describe how government gains its power from the people.

SS.3.C.1.3: Explain how government was established through a written Constitution.

SS.3.C.2.1: Identify group and individual actions of citizens that demonstrate civility, cooperation, volunteerism, and other civic virtues.

SS.3.C.3.1: Identify the levels of government.

SS.3.C.3.2: Describe how government is organized at the local level.

SS.3.C.3.3: Recognize that every state has a state constitution.

SS.3.C.3.4: Recognize that the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.

Mini Book

Mini Book
How a Bill Becomes a Law Simulation
Is it Constitutional?
Court System Lesson
Mrs. Frizzle on Trial Activity
Executive Branch WebQuest

What Responsibilities Accompany Our Rights?
Links and Activities

Ben's Guide to the Government
PBS Kids: The Democracy Project
Social Studies for Kids
Congress for Kids
Mr. Nussbaum's Page
Rights of the People


School House Rock - I'm Just a Bill
School House Rock - Sufferin' Until Suffrage
School House Rock - Three Ring Government
School House Rock - The Preamble

BrainPop - Bill of Rights
BrainPop - Branches of Government
BrainPop - Citizenship
BrainPop - Democracy
BrainPop - How a Bill Becomes a Law
BrainPop - Political Parties
BrainPop - Presidential Election
BrainPop - Presidential Power
BrainPop - Primaries and Caucuses
BrainPop - Student Rights
BrainPop - Supreme Court
BrainPop - US Constitution
BrainPop - Voting

BrainPop Jr.- Branches of Government
BrainPop Jr.- Local and State Government
BrainPop Jr.- President
BrainPop Jr.- Rights and Responsibilities
BrainPop Jr.- US Symbols