Point of View

A character's point of view is how he or she feels about something.

What is this girl's point of view toward what she is eating? How do you know?

Read the following paragraph.
I wish I could be the queen bee. What a special honor it is to be the queen of a colony. All of the worker bees have to do daily chores for the queen. Imagine having swarms of worker bees doing everything for you. Worker bees make your hive and bring you honey. Being a queen bee is better than being a dog or a cat or even a human. The queen bee produces 2,000 eggs a day. She is the only one who can do this in the hive. Being a worker bee must be so boring and dull. Worker bees must all be jealous of the queen bee.

What is this author's point of view toward queen bees?

Authors use specific words to tell us about their point of view toward certain topics. Authors also show us characters' point of view in the same way.


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