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SC.3.N.1.1: Raise questions about the natural world, investigate them individually and in teams through free exploration and systematic investigations, and generate appropriate explanations based on those explorations.

SC.3.N.1.2: Compare the observations made by different groups using the same tools and seek reasons to explain the differences across groups.

SC.3.N.1.3: Keep records as appropriate, such as pictorial, written, or simple charts and graphs, of investigations conducted.

SC.3.N.1.4: Recognize the importance of communication among scientists.

SC.3.N.1.5: Recognize that scientists question, discuss, and check each others' evidence and explanations.

SC.3.N.1.6: Infer based on observation.

SC.3.N.1.7: Explain that empirical evidence is information, such as observations or measurements that is used to help validate explanations of natural phenomena.

SC.3.N.3.2: Recognize that scientists use models to help understand and explain how things work.