Imperative and Exclamatory Sentences

Two types of sentences are imperative and exclamatory.
Imperative sentences give a command, or tell someone to do something. Imperative sentences can end in a period or an exclamation point. Decide what punctuation mark you want to use based on how strong you want your imperative sentence to be. For example, you would use a period if you're asking someone to pass the butter at dinner, but you would use an exclamation point if you're yelling for someone to get out of the way of a train.

Exclamatory sentences exclaim something, or state it in an excited way. Exclamatory sentences end in exclamation points.

Imperative sentences:
Go to your room!
Please pass the rolls.
Watch out!
Sit down.
Please take your seat.

Exclamatory sentences:
I love kittens!
What a beautiful day!
How wonderful you look!
I'm excited to see you!
What a bad smell!