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Gifted Characteristics Checklist

The checklist refers to skills or behaviors student demonstrates MOST of the time:

  1. A fluent thinker, able to produce a large quantity of possibilities, consequences, or related ideas.
  2. A flexible thinker, able to use many different alternatives and approaches to problem solving.
  3. An original thinker, able to see relationships among seemingly unrelated objectives, facts, or ideas.
  4. An elaborate thinker, able to produce embellishments to an idea, situation, or problem.
  5. Seems to thrive in problem situations.
  6. Seems to have a high level of curiosity about ideas, situations, or events.
  7. Displays intellectual playfulness, fantasizes, and imagines readily.
  1. Shows keen powers of observation.
  2. Displays a longer attention and concentration span.
  3. May conceal abilities so as not to "stick out."
  4. Exhibits an intrinsic motivation to learn, find out, or explore.
  5. Able to pick up and interpret nonverbal cues.
  6. Demonstrates concern for fairness, right, and wrong.
  7. May show a high level of energy.
  1. Displays a questioning attitude.
  2. Often skeptical, critical, and evaluative.
  3. More independent and less subject to peer pressure.
  4. Tends to dominate, organize, or direct group activities.
  5. Seems well-liked by peers and considered a leader.
  6. Influences peers.
Needs justification: (The student's needs that may be more appropriately met by placement in the gifted program.)
  • Needs stimulation provided in the gifted program.
  • Ability above regular class curriculum.
  • Student interest advanced.
  • Social maturity above peers.