Declarative and Interrogative Sentences

Two types of sentences are declarative sentences and interrogative sentences (in-ter-ah-guh-tiv).
A declarative sentence makes a statement. Declarative sentences can end in a period or an exclamation point.
An interrogative sentence asks a question. Interrogative sentences end in question marks.

Declarative Sentences:
Tennis is a very fun sport!
Dr. Gonzales works with children.
My mom watches TV in the evening.
I love peas and carrots! Peas and carrots are healthy foods.
Cats and dogs are mammals.
It's best to fly a kite when it is windy.

Interrogative Sentences:
What is your favorite sport?
Do you like apples?
Does Dr. Gonzales work with children?
What does your mom do in the evenings?
Are peas and carrots healthy foods?
Did you know that cats and dogs are mammals?
When should you fly a kite?